Increase the ROI of your Marketing Automation, whilst improving your processes and efficiency.

Receive a 10-page report with actionable recommendations customised to your business.

If any of the following questions apply to you, then you’d benefit from our Marketing Automation Audit.

Are you new to Marketing Automation and understand that you need it, but not sure which platforms are right for you?

Have you made a start setting up automations and integrations, but not quite sure you have set them up in the most effective way?

Are you considering purchasing a new platform, but unsure whether it will fit with your existing stack?

Do you have a process you would like to run, but can’t quite find the right stack of tools to make it work?

“Mark and the team are our go-to Marketing Automation experts.”

CMO at Beam Wallet
  • What’s included:

    During the audit we will review the following:

    • Overall technology setup (CRM, Live chat, Payment processor, Website/CMS etc)
    • Data management (custom fields, segmentation, lists etc)
    • Lead capture process (landing pages, forms and email responders)
    • Lead management processes (qualification, scoring, nurturing and routing)
    • Campaign management (sources, attribution, channels etc)
    • Reporting and dashboards

  • What you will get

    You’ll receive a 10 page report with actionable recommendations of how you can improve your Marketing Automation processes, efficiency and ROI. It will include:

    • Improvements for processes across data, leads, campaigns and reporting
    • Suggestions of automations that you could implement in order to improve overall efficiency
    • Campaign suggestions that you could execute in order to generate leads, opportunities and ultimately revenue.

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