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slack app to automate project management
  • What is this?

    Well, today it is an app living inside Slack which reads a formatted Google Sheet (we send you in onboarding) and deploys automated resource planning inside a Slack channel.

    Now, we know that’s not for everyone. But we are working very hard as we speak to release new types of Google Sheets the app can read to deploy all sorts of routines inside of Slack. Our near-term goals are to:

    1. Provide a way for CEO’s and team leads to set up and run any type of project inside Slack and Google Sheets with only a few updates to the template.
    2. Replace the practice of having to ‘update’ project owners of where and what of running projects.
    3. And… most importantly… be able to run project┬áhand-offs and alerts between Slack workstations.

  • How does it work?

    Today (Nov, 2018), it works like this:

    1. Create your projects in a very simplistic Google Sheet.
    2. Assign each task to a team member.
    3. When the project begins, the app will show everyone what’s happening and start alerting task owners.
    4. Run reports on one or all projects at any time to understand total hours as well as where the project hit delays.

  • The genesis of our app:

    Two years ago teams across the globe were having the same issues with project task management:

    • Getting their internal and external collaborators to use the same project management platform.
    • Keeping the CEO and/or Client informed on the current status of the work without annoying the team.
    • Doing all of this between organizations using separate systems.
      The two teams had unknowingly started to work on solving these pain points in similar ways

  • slack app to automate project management
  • slack app to automate project management

Born From Two Case Studies

We are two teams which built similar apps to assist with our internal needs. Those two apps have been reconstructed as one for your team to use.

Truly Simple Project Communication

We wanted to create an app that works right inside the tools you and your clients use constantly.

On A Path To Cross-Workspace

This current feature-set is not what we’re aiming to build. The next phase is what you should install for…

  • “Over the last 10 years, I dealt with the pain points this app solves believing in over-complicated solutions. I sincerely believe we are going to change the way teams collaborate between Slack work stations.”
    Alex Glenn
    Founder of
  • “This is the app we use monthly here at nodo┬áto ensure proper knowledge of resources we've allocated to any given project. I am proud to finally release an application to all of you builders and teams out there. Please enjoy and let us know what you think :)”
    Paulo Faulstich
    Co-founder & Business Director at Nodo
slack app for google sheets