It’s that time again ? You are sending a ?️load of emails… Therefore, we have an automation for you:

We being my amazing guest Stephen A. Hakami, founder of Sales Torch.


Stephen is a master of sales automation. He’s also a product-wiz from what I have experienced thus far with Sales Torch.

You should watch/listen to this episode if:

? Your sales team is sending out customer emails manually in Gmail.

?  You are using a Gmail-based-CRM like Yesware or Copper to send those blasts.

?  Or, you are doing cold-outreach with a tool like push emails through your Gmail / Google apps email account and every time you start a campaign your inbox becomes overwhelming…

In any of the above cases, follow-up can become an issue. This is why I invited Stephen onto the show.

But please please please let me know whether you have issues with email follow-up and if you are using anything to solve for it?

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Listen to the full episode: