Today, we’re going to discuss an automated lead prospecting system leveraging SMS. What you will need to execute this automation is:

Robo Contact –

TextInBulk –

Zapier Account –

Intro to Jon

Jon Vaughn is a genius level software engineer turned entrepreneur. He is now the founder and CEO of the software development firm Tier5.

Tier5 specializes in building high-end SaaS applications for clients and Tier5 currently has 6 SaaS software’s in the market all aimed at helping other entrepreneurs scale and automate their business.

Situation(s) we are going to use as an example

You want to scale your business. You don’t have a lot of money for ads and you also dont’ want to spend a huge amount of time finding leads and prospecting.

What the listeners need in order to run this automation (tech / people…)

Robo Contact –

TextInBulk –

Magic Zap –

Zapier Account –


Or a Tier5 Community Membership as it includes all of these things

Special Offer Just For You:

And a email provider we recommend Gsuite

What are the steps to setup this automation?

First set up your drip campaign and Pre-Qualification IVR for inbound calls

Go to zapier and set up a zap between RC and TIB

Go to Robocontact and run the campaign!

If run correctly, what can listeners expect?

A stream of incoming leads that are pre-qualified and ready to purchase your product or service


I used this same process to scale my company from 8 full-time software engineers to over 35 full-time software engineers. I did this with no marketing background.

Buy the automation: Lead Generation Tactic Using IVR’s

Where can they find you:



The Revenue Share Calculation

Who is it meant for?  Tier5 Community Members

What is the actual math?  ((TR * (1-AC)) – OCi)/TRS

TR = Total Revenue

AC = Affiliate Commission

OCi = Inflated Operation Cost

TRS = Total Revenue Shares

Do you offer it as a product? Not really, was just created for our community members