Automating Custom Signatures used to Boost Sales is an exciting aspect of Relationship Marketing 

Brad Beutler – Director of Marketing at Sigstr, the platform which turns emails into powerful brand engagements.

What is Sigstr,  and one or two major use cases for the product;

  1. Customer marketing
  2. Driving to events in real time from EVERY email account
  3. Discount code at a specific stage in the (cold) email sequence

What are the tools necessary to execute?

HubSpot, Sigstr, and Salesforce to automatically align and distribute content that supports/accelerates our sales stages/process.

  • Dynamic banner based on where you are in our pipeline
  • Use case = if you are a hot prospect, you will see a banner that says “Sigstr love’s {{your_company_name}}”

Step-by-step guide to creating this automation:

1. Define your sales stages in Salesforce (prospect, lead, demo complete, IT evaluation, etc).

2. With the assumption that your Salesforce account syncs with HubSpot, then build workflows in HubSpot to connect each Salesforce opportunity stage to a smart list in HubSpot.

3.  With the assumption that your HubSpot account syncs with Sigstr, then create targeted email signature campaigns in Sigstr and connect each banner to the appropriate HubSpot smart list.

4. The rest is magic! If you email a prospect or customer that’s within a specific opportunity stage, your email signature banner will dynamically update with the appropriate message. For us, that looks like:

Fine Print

This could be things to looks out for, server costs, personnel requirements, issues you’ve heard or experienced they need to be aware of

This all depends on what is integrated in your tech stack and how well your stages and smart lists are organized. One thing worth mentioning – this can still work if you aren’t a HubSpot customer. We love Marketo too!

  • One thing I was curious about is the mobile UX – can you speak towards the typical gmail mobile experience (the majority of mobile email users are on gmail or google apps)?

The banner is HTML so it updates based on the device type and shows on any device/email application.

If images are turned off you will see a dynamic CTA in place of that image/gif.

Where To Start:

This is where you mention your demo request link, link to your calendly, an offer code if you need one, a CTA like “Send me an email and I’ll reply with a PDF outline.” etc

Head to to get started and chat with a support specialist about your use case now!