Let’s focus on Automating Sales and Marketing Alignment – connecting sales and marketing flows with tools and processes to increase revenue with less human bandwidth. 

Dan Smith is a SaaS Sales Specialist.

He’s a Coach, Trainer, and Founder of http://www.winningbydesign.com

Where Dan and his team are focused on helping SaaS sales teams through implementing sales processes.

We are going to discuss the tools, strategies, processes and even refer to a use case we’ve seen a lot.

A quick hypothetical to introduce our topic

In this scenario:

“Dan is the new VP of Sales for XYZ saas company, and I am the new VP of Marketing at the same company. We have a few virtual SDRs – Sales Developments Reps and an inside sales team. The company has been using a very old CRM build and has been doing a combination of cold emailing + paid SEM/SMM.”

The way the flow worked prior to Dan and Alex coming on, in this hypothetical scenario, is:

The average contract value of $6,000 annual ($500/mo) in the Fintech space.  

  • Marketing creates a new campaign,
  • Marketing buys data from the third party (like ZoomInfo) and starts a combination of cold emails and ads,
  • Respondents to the emails and those filling out demo request forms are sent to a general sales@ inbox.
  • From that inbox, Dan distributes those leads to the SDRs.
  • The SDRs qualify and update their profile in the CRM and put them into the Accounts Executive’s schedule/calendar to receive a demo of the saas.
  • After the demo, for those who did not buy, the AE’s set


Without correcting this scenario now, and to help us paint a picture.

What makes us cringe for this hypothetical sales/marketing process:

  1. How they launch campaigns
  2. The general sales inbox for leads
  3. Manual lead distribution
  4. Sales not knowing where/what/how the lead came to be
  5. Missing pre-demo nurturing emails and post-demo sequence

We will come back to this, later in the article. For now, let’s discuss the main topic.

Keys to Sales and Marketing alignment


Dan’s segment: (2 min tops)

  • Intro to your view on this question (premise, how you would approach it, any anecdote…)
  • What happens (have you seen) when sales and marketing teams are not aligned – any anecdotes?
  • Any tools/software necessary to implement

Back to our Hypotheticals SaaS company

Here are some of the specific stack and process improvements that can work wonders for the SaaS company. 

  1. Overall Setup – what are the first steps, meetings, handoffs, and most importantly who owns what – Dan or Alex?
  2. Campaign Creation – where can marketing and sales sync their campaign creation processes, and how?
    1. Strategy
    2. Copywriting
    3. Leads and pushing the outreach
    4. Handoffs
  3. Data Procurement – with regards to data, especially with new regulations like GDPR
    1. Do not buy pre-existing data – generate your data ad-hoc (create an audience definition). Verified and accurate (i.e. no longer with the company).
    2. Create valuable and highly-relevant messaging to each audience – make sure you did your research and you have something of value to this new audience.
    3. Be mindful not to be ‘spammy’ – generic high-volume emails to an unstructured and varied database (email list).
  4. The Positive Reply and Demo Request Flow
    1. Prioritization – Any thoughts on these tools for sales/marketing alignment:
    2. Lead Attribution – pulling in hidden fields on your demo request form for UTM parameters like source/medium and URL so your sales team sees in the CRM where that lead came from.
    3. Triggering Automations 
      1. Marketing and sales automation tools like outreach.io on top of your CRM – or a CRM which does both (Sales Seek, Agile CRM, Active Campaign, or even Intercom)
      2. A couple example triggers
    4. Alerting sales
      1. Slack integrations – notifications in slack when someone is browsing the site – using your CRM and/or zapier, and/or sales wings app
      2. Zapier
      3. CRM
      4. Troops
    5. Providing chat options in the funnel
      1. Providing
      2. Intercom – To be embedded on the success page to pre-qualify those interested in a demo (potentially saves a lot of time wasted on demos to unqualified leads, and helps prevent attrition).
  5. Post Demo Follow-up and Triggers
    1. Strategy – timing, types of messages
    2. Emails – using your marketing automation system
    3. What content

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