Sales and Marketing Stack by Lessonly:

This Marketing and Sales Stack is used and recommended by Lessonly. We are grateful to Lessonly for sharing this amazing tech stack because it can help you take your Sales and Marketing efforts to the next level.

The stack functions with some of the most powerful and useful out there.

The VP of Marketing at Lessonly, Kyle Lacy sits down with us to cover almost everything related to marketing. Specifically, he discusses demand generation, content marketing, thought leadership, and market development.  Here’s a recent podcast with Kyle.

Lessonly: a simple, yet powerful, learning management software. The software teaches users skills and techniques to help them sharpen their skills in sales and customer service. Their headquarters is based in Indianapolis, IN. 

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Before we dive deep, here are the top 18 tools by Lessonly:

  1. Salesforce (CRM)
  2. Autopilot (Customer Journey Tracking Software)
  3. DataFox (ABM – Account Discovery)
  4. ZoomInfo (Contact Discovery)
  5. Google Analytics (For Website Analytics)
  6. SEMRush (SEO Tool)
  7. Hotjar (Visitor Recording, Heatmaps)
  8. WordPress (Website)
  9. Google Drive & Adobe Creative Suite
  10. Lessonly (sales and product marketing enablement)
  11. Sales Navigator (contact and account discovery)
  12. (call recording)
  13. Zoom (webcast and call management)
  14. Salesloft (cadences)
  15. Wistia (video hosting and management)
  16. Monday (project management)
  17. Trello (task management)
  18. Intercom (Inbound chat management and support)


1 – Salesforce – #1 CRM in the world:

We’ve included Salesforce because they are #1 in the world for managing Sales, Service, and Marketing.

Here is a list of things that makes Salesforce standout in this Marketing & Sales Stack:

1 – Over 3000+ pre-integrated apps available at their App Exchange 

AppExchange: Is a software that makes it easy to extend your Salesforce. With thousands of solutions available at your disposal that can be installed within minutes.

Salesforce customers have reported a 39% increase in productivity. 

This will help you streamline and automate not just Sales but also your Marketing needs which are a fundamental need for any modern internet business.


2 – Autopilot – A Customer Journey Tracking Software

Autopilot is one of the best applications when it comes to automating your customer journey. Autopilot uses visual marketing software to help guide customers through the sales process easier.

It helps you to create your own customer journey to capture and convert leads from your website, app, or blog and transitioning them to nurture with a personalized message approach (all automated!).

Making it a must have in your Marketing & Sales Stack.

What makes Autopilot standout:

1 – Native integrations to Salesforce, Twilio, Segment, Slack and Zapier

2 – Ability to connect to over 700 purpose-built tools, that can empower marketers to nurture relationships and grow high-paying customers using email, web, SMS, and direct mail channels.

Here’s an Automation using Autopilot


3 – Datafox – A Company Intelligence Platform


DataFox is a company intelligence platform that helps sales, marketing, and investing teams find and prioritize target companies to source more opportunities.

Since they have been recently acquired by Oracle that platform has gained an extra edge in their data intelligence. DataFox’s team of 100+ human analysts verify AI-sourced insights on millions of businesses to provide robust Company Data, Growth Signals, and Account Scoring.

Datafox infused with Salesforce

Datafox being an AI-sourced, human-audited company data infused into Salesforce. There are two ways to integrate your data directly into Salesforce so that your sales and marketing teams are completely aligned together in a beautiful way.


4 – ZoomInfo – Growth Acceleration Platform

ZoomInfo is the leading B2B contact database provider. Backed by a comprehensive company information database, we have the B2B data to meet your sales and marketing needs.

Whether your needs are related to getting the direct phone number or the email addresses for your prospect/target. 

Integrated with Salesforce

Being integrated with Salesforce helps you decrease your call to connect time with access to direct phone numbers and email addresses and increasing the accuracy of your data in Salesforce with quality checks using ZoomInfo to enrich the data. 


5 – Google Analytics – For Traffic Analytics

Google Analytics is a free website analytics service that is offered by Google to give you valuable insights on how the users surf through your website.

It also lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.


6 – SEMRush – All-in-one Marketing Toolkit

SEMrush is top notch tool to be in your Marketing & Sales Stack.

Altogether, it’s a tool that comes top of the list when it comes for SEO as the tool does your keyword research, tracks the keyword strategy used by your competition, runs an SEO audit of your blog, looks for backlinking opportunities and lots more.

As this tool is used for Content Marketing, it helps you identify the keyword phrases that are likely to get you the most search traffic. With with SEO intelligence, it helps you with your keyword optimization and content strategy.

7 – Hotjar – Heatmaps

Hotjar is one of the best and powerful tools when it comes to analyzing and revealing the online behavior and how the users go through your site.

Additionally, it does it by fusing Analysis and Feedback tools, whilst giving you a better view on how to improve your site’s user experience and performance/conversion rates.

Altogether, making it a must-have in this Marketing & Sales Stack if you need to understand your user.

Top three things that it covers are:

a – Get Instant Visual feedback
b – See how people are really using your site.
c – Uncover insights to make the right changes

8 – WordPress – for website:

WordPress is free to install, deploy, and upgrade. Thousands of plugins and templates power a flexible and simple interface, which reduces development costs and deployment time. 

WordPress has become one of the most popular CMS sites in the world primarily because of its unique customization features.


9 – Google Drive – Cloud Storage and Sharing

We are all aware of Google Drive. If you’re not, it’s a cloud storage service and like any cloud storage service, its main purpose is to expand your ability to store files beyond the limits of your hard drive.

Although, Cloud storage is sometimes confused with online backup, which achieves a very different purpose using similar infrastructure.


10 – Lessonly – Sales and Product Marketing Enablement

Lessonly is a powerfully simple learning management software that helps teams learn, practice and do better work.

It is used by over 1.8 million learners at more than 600 leading companies including Trunk Club, Ibotta, U.S. Cellular, and Zendesk to share knowledge and reinforce best practices.

Here’s an Automation using Lessonly

It helps clients practice what matters most, customer service and sales.


11 – Sales Navigator by LinkedIn – for contact and account discovery

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an advanced sales tool that aids teams, organizations, and individuals to build and nurture customer relationships on the network.

Users can reach the right kind of customers by using the search and filter features.

We use Sales Navigator for researching accounts and contacts, while it helps to nurture customer relationships and increase your network.


12 – – Conversation Intelligence Platform is a conversation Intelligent Platform for sales teams and for organizations who want complete visibility of how things are moving. Conversations focused on specific topics become easier to follow and track.

This helps clients with being able to do their organizational alignment at scale.

13 – Zoom – Webcast and Call Management)

Zoom is top rated in video communication. Used best for webcasts, call management and video conferencing. While it is mobile friendly and rich with features.

Additionally, it has amazing group collaborations while being available on almost every major platform (Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS and so on) it has the capabilities for both group and private chats.

14 – Salesloft – Sales Engagement Platform

Salesloft is the leading Sales Engagement Platform to help manage your entire organization’s sales operations.

Your sales process is all in one place – that’s what they pride themselves on.

Additionally, it’s a complete sales platform for your entire sales team that will help them do their jobs in a more efficient way.

Salesloft will be one of the best tools in your stack for sales and marketing.

Whether it comes from managing the email communication or doing the calls to high-end integrations and analytics, they have it covered.

Unquestionably it is known to be one of the best Sales Engagement Platforms in the industry.

15 – WISTIA – Video Hosting and Management

Wistia Inc. is a video-software company located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Wistia provides video-hosting solutions for business, helping businesses add videos to the web, track performance, and build and engage with their audiences using online videos. Wikipedia

The best tool for your video management in Lessonly’s Stack for Sales and Marketing Stack.

16 – – For Project Management

One of the most beautiful, simple but intuitive tool to manage and work for the team together. is a visual project management tool that helps teams and individuals to manage work. Although, it is to build a culture of transparency while meeting deadlines.

A very useful tool for companies managing multiple projects in your tech stack for Sales and Marketing.

It is more of a single board that enables to see what others are working on. While giving a clear image and understanding of where things stand.


17 – Trello – Task Management

Basically, Trello is a task management app that is simple yet gives an intuitive visual overview of what the works are and who is doing it.

It consists of whiteboards, lists, and cards that help you organize your project tasks in an interactive yet flexible way.

Based on a Kanban system, that keeps production levels high and maintain flexibility.

Moreover, it’s a whiteboard that is filled with post-in notes. Each post is a separate task in the project.


18 – Intercom – for Inbound chat management and support

Intercom is the #1 Customer Messaging Platform when it comes to managing your Inbound chats and Customer Support. 

This makes it a must-have in this tech stack for Sales and Marketing.

Built on a complete suite of messaging-first products that suits almost all the types of modern internet businesses.

Automation for Intercom: Complete Intercom Build

Intercom for the customer lifecycle:

Acquiring Customers:

Ability to use bots and live chat support that will automatically qualify, route help you convert leads in a faster way.

Engage customers:

Being able to send targeted emails, in-app and push notifications turns your business into an automated nurturing funnel that will create more signups into customers.

Support customers:

Create an integrated help desk and knowledge base that will help you solve customer problems and queries in a more faster way.