Softbank bets almost $1B on autonomous delivery startup Nuro

Monday, autonomous delivery startup Nuro received a large cash investment of $940M from Softbank to become the status quo in automated delivery services. There big question of how this need will be solved (drone, car… all) is TBD – but the players are all moving quickly. 

How Nuro is different: The company has been largely focused on developing a self-driving “stack,” which it’s now licensing to others. 

DiscoverOrg acquires ZoomInfo

Vancouver based marketing intelligence company DiscoverOrg announced the Acquisition of one of Zoom Information Inc. (ZoomInfo) effectively it doubling its market share.

Both companies specialize in contact data for B2B sales/marketing.

Terms of the acquisition: Were not disclosed by both of the company officials. However, the talks were underway since, last year July.

A source close to the sale who asked to not be identified said the purchase price was in excess of $500 million.

Double in size: With over 650 employees for DiscoverOrgo, DiscoverOrg has now over 1,050 employees — 560 of them in Vancouver. The employee count in Vancouver is expected to grow to 600 by the end of the year.

Henry Schuck, CEO of DiscoverOrg said:

“We had investors who made a big bet today on us and on putting these two companies together. We believe putting these two companies together makes us much more sustainable.”

Both companies are recognized as the Top 10 Products for Sales and both were honored multiple times for Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private companies.

DiscoverOrg acquires its rival ZoomInfo


DiscoverOrg is a cloud-based application for sales, marketing, and recruitment that provides companies accurate, integrated, and marketing intelligence for companies and contacts with deep B2B intelligence that helps companies to drive their sales, marketing, and recruitment activities.

All integrated into the leading CRM, Sales Engagement and Marketing Automation Tools on the market. 


ZoomInfo is backed by the most comprehensive business database with coverage of 100 million business professionals worldwide.

Combined, DiscoverOrg and ZoomInfo deliver the trifecta in B2B data 

DiscoverOrg research verified accuracy, and deep buying insights, combined with ZoomInfo comprehensive coverage of 100 million business professionals worldwide… This acquisition will result in the trifecta for B2B data with the highest quality, quantity, and depth. As both companies with their advanced technologies and tools complement each other well.

A light integration is due in a few months for the mutual customers to easily access both platforms. With plans in next year for DiscoverOrg to bring a single B2B Intelligence Platform with this level of comprehensive data, is something every team is looking for.

What they do not have = real-time ad-hoc data research to ensure you have the most accurate dataset possible.