Today I have two guests:

Jason Davis – CEO and Co-Founder of

The reason I asked Jason to be on the show today is not only due to his work with Simon Data in New York City – which is now at around 75 people and growing rapidly – but because of his extensive background in data:

  • Jason received his BS from Cornell in Computer Science.
  • Then went on to gain his PhD from the University of Texas in Machine learning, data mining and statistics.
  • After his academic career, Jason founded two data companies, one of which was acquired by Etsy in 2009.
  • At that point, Jason ran data at for 3 years before leaving to start Simondata – which has just raised it’s series B of $20M.

I am excited to have Jason on today to discuss how organizations can Establish a Data-Driven Organization.

Before we dig into Jason’s episode, my friend Scott Breitenother is going to do our intro: 

Scott and I met at the CMO Data Summit in Florida, and Scott actually introduced me to Jason from Simon Data, so he is going to share with us a few thoughts on the data organizations to set the tone for today’s talk with Jason.