Facebook to Merge Instagram, Whatsapp, and Messenger

The Social media giant Facebook has announced plans to integrate WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger messages so users can effectively send/view messages from all in one UI.

“The best messaging experience” this is that they are intending to create out of this merger. For the billions of their users combined which use their platforms altogether (Instagram, Whatsapp, and Messenger).


The apps will remain distinct from each other, although the underlying messaging infrastructure would be unified, according to people familiar with the matter.

In a report by Independent, a Facebook spokesperson revealed they would deliver a messaging platform that was fast, simple, reliable and private, though data experts have warned it could have an impact on people’s privacy.

B2B Agencies Merger – Napier and Armitage

Merger into a group for Napier and Armitage leads into a combined billing of $6.54 Million on the clients’ portfolio of B2B technologies, software development, and communication.

PR Week reported that Napier Partnership has merged with Armitage Communications, creating a group of three specialized B2B technology agencies comprising Napier, Peter Bush Communications and Armitage.

The Managing director of the group, Maynard said:

“By joining forces, the new organization becomes one of Europe’s leading B2B technology agencies.”


Top AI Trends to watch that will Drive Marketing Automation

The Marketing Automation industry is growing at a rapid 8.55% increase rate this year alone. As we can expect to see how AI increases its impact in the marketing automation here are some exciting trends to watch out this year, reported by Entrepreneur.

Top Trends to watch: 

1 – Voice and Visual Searches – Visual searches are also on the rise as the technology behind them improves. Facial recognition is at the tip of the iceberg. Reverse-image lookup is another related and emerging technology that’s sure to grow rapidly in the next year.

2 – Improved Customer Experience – Companies not using AI and Machine Learning in some capacity are behind. Delivering content dynamically is a going to become the standard – powered by ML. Ai bots are a trend now, but whether they are in fact ‘Ai’ is uncertain.