“Computers do things people cannot come close to. And people do things computers cannot come close to.” – Chris Beall, Connect and Sell

How You 5X Your Sales With Phone Sales Automation with Chris Beall from Connect And Sell.

Conversations matter. And this was one of the most enlightening conversations I’ve had around sales in a long while…

We all have our [mis]conceptions about dialing for dollars, but few have those conceptions in line with the larger picture – what sales tools and tactics bring in the enormous revenues for some of the largest companies in the world like:

To give you an idea of how serious Chris and his company are about sales automation, check out US patent #8649500B1 –

“…automated operation of a system performing attempts to establish communication connections between a user and a target.”

Chris Beall, CEO of Connect and Sell tells me specifically:

  1. How to get multi-channel to work.
  2. Must have vs nice to have’s in sales.
  3. The human element of sales.
  4. What to do with ‘dead’ leads.
  5. And as always, we share a sales automation.

And as usual, you can listen to the full episode by clicking the link in the comments.

Please tell me if you have a sales process that includes a cold call, and if so, what you have done to improve it lately.

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