When it comes to Sales Enablement. We all know getting people to your demo or sales presentation is only the first step. From there, you must close.

This is why we pepper in content and features around post-appointment activities so you can hear ways to optimize your entire funnel.

Today is all about Improving Sales Enablement

One definition for Sales Enablement is “the process of providing the sales organization with the information, content, and tools that help salespeople sell more effectively.”

The foundation of sales enablement is to provide salespeople with what they need to successfully engage the buyer throughout the buying process. 

To unpack the importance of sales enablement is Alli Mckee, the CEO, and Founder at Stick.ai

Alli, a Stanford MBA-having, Author, Speaker, Leader… the list goes on.

Consistent yet Customized Story

There is a tremendous amount of noise in the marketplace that has never existed to this degree before and so the unique challenge that we have as sellers:

“We have to be able that to say that our organizations are telling a consistent story, and yet also a customized story”

Because, if it’s not consistent then you’re confusing the marketplace and people don’t actually know what as you do when, you’re Selling Different Products to Different Customers’.

Whereas, if it’s not customized then your buyers aren’t going to pay attention

And so it’s almost like you know we have more competition and more noise and yet we still have to be able to stand out and really resonate and personalization is the way to do that.

Sales Enablement meant particularly for these early-stage companies is about that:

“Balance of making sure that your sales team is prepared with a consistent story. But, also has all the tools that they need to customize that story to the buyer.

Sales Enablement: the Who, What, How, And Why of Sales Enablement

Importance of Storytelling in Improving Sales Enablement:

With reference to Alli’s Presentation at the Relay Ventures CEO Summit where Alli talked over the Importance of storytelling in Sales Today and how it’s more important than ever.

The Million Dollar Slide Concept

Before out of any content, you want to make sure that you’ve had had a really clear story

But then you know what once you fill in the content, most people are kind of econ majors or you know coming from the business side of the house.

That the content would just be walls and walls of text.

When you presented that presentation deck to an executive or any client. That person would go directly to the one visual in the presentation deck. We called that The Million Dollar Slide Concept!

That one visual that captured the answer to the case right in that one page and they were always visual. 

Visual Communication Matters:

In visual communication whether you’re selling SAS, whether you’re selling consulting engagement to a client or whether you’re selling an idea to your internal team

The ability to crystallize that in a way that actually sticks into a visual is such an important skill and yet also really rare.

We as Sales and Marketing people, are heavy on that push and pull side with a lot of demand and sometimes you kind of forget that how you tend to get a little too involved in the automation process.

But we get a little too far along and we forget about the human aspect about storytelling about the visuals about really making sure that person that comes through.

And, the person that you are talking to gets what you need them to get about the product or service

Not to oversimplify but it’s hard, being asked to do things that are not in our job description

Salespeople are not trained in graphic design so why are they being asked to do it!

The reality is our tools demanded.

As PowerPoint is a graphic design tool, actually a communication design tool and most of us are not designers

We were trained in different skills and so you think one is sort of a mismatch in the skill set and the training and the demands of the job and we think another is you know around those the storytelling.

As the storytelling is really difficult, it’s very very difficult!

It is something, we all appreciate the value of but very few of us actually have the bandwidth to spend the time to really create that story.

For the founders out there you know this is you’ve got to do this every time you know pitch to raise a raise around for sure.

As for salespeople, we have to be prepared with that consistent story.

Which comes ideally from marketing and from sales leadership.

As well it’s really a co-created thing. But then we also have to be able to personalize it, and it’s storytelling that happens on those two levels.

So you know being prepared with that if it’s a sales deck. With the overarching storyline but then also being armed with those customer success stories.

Hence, you’re just being able to translate everything into this story that happens in a broader context just beyond your product features. Because that’s really the main pitfall.

Tech Companies feels this pain badly!

If not worse than other industries because we the Tech Companies get so excited about our products.

We want to tell everyone about the new features we’ve built because we’re proud of them.

And they’re changing all the time but the reality is no one cares about your features. Until they understand why they matter.

That’s where the Storytelling comes in!

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Sales and Marketing Alignment

We had Dan Smith at Automated.af, he’s one of the experts around sales and marketing alignment

Dan harped on the fact that Communication and Consistency needs to be there and we want to make sure that in this respect we’re talking about How to Arm your Sales Team with the Best Possible Tools and the Best Possible Solutions

For their pain points and one of that pain-point is design, as discussed above.

Biggest challenges in Sales and Marketing Alignment

The biggest shift in mindset that has to happen is that we have moved from:

A Seller-Centric Environment, where the seller controlled the information the seller controlled the conversation into a Buyer-Centric Environment.

To give a tangible example of this: A lot of the sales conversations when pitched a lot, as a business owner.

And, often the pitch is something that you already read on their website like, you’ve already gone through the Landing Page and already done their g2 Crowd Reviews.

As a buyer you’ve done your research, we’re further along in the process. So, as sellers, we have to adjust to that new world. This is where it becomes:

“Less about let me pitch you my product and more about let me understand your problem.”

This discovery can be the Best Sales Tactic and most valuable Secret Weapon you can have.

Because it’s really about discovery and finding the fit rather than you know shoving information down the buyers’ throat as they already know it, so today that’s the big mindset shift.

Why Teams Struggle to get Quality Presentations Done?

We have all of the resources of today, but teams still struggle to get quality presentations done.

We’re going to share some of the core ideas behind the product and how we see it falling into this process.

The key idea of Stick.ai (A visual communication platform built for Sales and Success teams to better communicate with their customers) is the problem we discussed above, which is that visual communication is so important and yet very few of us know how to do it well.

Because it’s not how we were trained and so the idea of Stick.ai was like can we take the intelligence of you know some of the best visual designers in the world and give that skill instantly to a sales team.

The core of the product is in this Text to Visual Translation

So as you’re typing out you can imagine rather than just taking your notes in Salesforce

Instead, if in a discovery call you could capture what your buyer is saying and then generate materials right there in real time in your brand.

With their prospect logo already loaded up because you already can read it from the calendar and invite.

It goes to this paradigm shift before we still live in a world of enterprise sales

Where you’d have a field Sales Representative go pitch, a gorgeous PDF as a well-designed deck for two million dollar contract.

That’s no longer the case! Now, it is a constant stream of conversation.

The Sales Cycles have shortened and now it’s just this constant Keynes and it’s about the Buyer, not the Seller.

Why are our sales materials still shaped by the sellers?

It doesn’t make any sense, right?

It’s proven that if you are selling in a discovery call. Your goal is to get the buyer to speak as much as possible!

The more your buyer speak the more likely you are able to close a deal.

So then why you are the one preparing all the materials?

We should be preparing and overarching storyline set and maybe some of the materials.

The best thing could be that you could populate those materials based on the actual conversation not based on you know some stock script that no one really is engaged on today

One of the things that have been really interesting is rather than just giving tools like PowerPoint today and pretty much every other competitor out there.

You go to add a new slide it says click to add a title.

That’s not inspiring! Here’s when Stick.ai comes in.


A tool that Alli and her team are building that they’re really doubling down on more engaging content.

Let’s take an example of what are you trying to accomplish trying to build a sales deck great?

So, here you get eight questions you need to answer.

From your answers Stick.ai will build your materials you know right we won’t build them you’ll build your material in an instant right away!

It’s like building that content and embedded knowledge into the tool to make this really specific for sales and marketing.

Product Roadmap for Stick.ai:

The vision is really to go towards a world in which we are going to Get away from stock PDFs and PowerPoint slides.

Instead, moving towards a world in which you’re having a conversation and the visuals are populating real-time in that meeting room or in your zoom window.

So being able to go from not just “Text a Visual to a Touch to Digital” on your mobile device.

Giving a better way of giving sales and marketing professionals a better way to document their conversations and make their conversations more engaging with visuals and storytelling.

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