Due to lacking safeguards in Google’s Gmail software, they have experienced various user-data breaches. As a result, Google has been making proactive changes to their software. This process is leading to some massive changes to how Gmail looks and functions.

Is Google Starting To Seriously-Restrict Third Party Sales Tools With Gmail UI and G-Data API Updates?

This can be problematic for businesses using extensions or apps on top of their Gmail/G-Suite for their Sales and Marketing Email Outreach.

Cold Email

Cold Email, we have noticed and heard whispers from other G-Suite users in terms of connecting and running mass outreach through Gmail servers using third-party tools like MixMax or Mailshake…

Here’s the series of events and updates that makes us think that Google is going to come hard for Third Party Automation tools that use Gmail/G-Suite: 


Google announced in June their Timeline for moving to the new Gmail

The administrators were given the option to start migrating their teams over the next few months.

This is particularly unique because G Suite is a paid service for Google’s business users.

Typically we see these kinds of involuntary updates from free software programs and not paid ones. 

Was Optional until September -18

The Gmail update remained optional until September when everyone who hasn’t already made the switch will be automatically moved over to the new Gmail by Google.

Those involved in September’s switch will be able to opt out of the update for the month but, come October, that opt-out has disappeared now and all G Suite users are forced to move over to the new version of Gmail.

‘Inbox by Gmail’ will be merged with Gmail in March 2019

What is Inbox by Gmail?

Inbox is a different user interface for managing your Google email.

It automatically organizes your messages into categories which helps keep promotion content separate from more important emails.

Other helpful features allow you to “snooze” or “hide” messages until later and simple ways to create reminders and to-dos.

Note that messages in Gmail and Inbox stay in sync so what you do with your messages in one carries over to the other

Confidential Mode is now off by default now for G-Suite

For organizations that haven’t transitioned yet, the more sensitive settings (like confidential mode) will be off by default to prevent any company compliance issues. Employees and personal users will now be forced to adjust to the new look, layout, and features.

Here are some main New Gmail Design updates

Google Sidebar


A huge component of Google’s redesign is Gmail’s integration with other Google apps like Calendar, Keep, and Tasks, which can now be accessed via a side panel in the web version.



When you hover over one of your emails options will appear to the left to archive, delete, mark as unread, or snooze. Snooze is another new feature in the web version.

This feature may look familiar to Gmail app users since it’s been available on the mobile version of Gmail for some time now.

Implementation of AI in the new Gmail

The Nudging feature


It’s also a reminder mechanism, except it displays a text reminder next to the email if you haven’t responded to it in a few days. This can be used for both inbound emails and outbound emails. You’ll see a notification if you haven’t responded to an email in two to three days or if you’re expecting a response to an email and the recipient hasn’t responded. This could be a pretty ineffective (and annoying) feature if it notified you about every email you haven’t responded to in a few days.  

Smart Reply


When you open an email, you’ll see Smart Reply options — another feature Gmail app users will be familiar with. The feature suggests one-tap responses by scanning your emails and guessing how you may want to respond.

This image was obtained by Android Authority after G Suite administrators received the first email from Google. Android Authority/David Imel


Google is Restricting its API access to 3rd Party Apps

Google mentioned they’re going to be introducing even stronger controls and policies to give our users the confidence they need to keep their data safe.

There will be further new restrictions and policy updates for Gmail APIs, which will go into effect January 9, 2019. We are publishing these changes in advance to provide time for developers who may need to adjust their apps or policies to comply.

They further mentioned that it is critical that 3rd-party apps handling Gmail data meet minimum security standards to minimize the risk of a data breach.

Apps will be asked to demonstrate secure data handling with assessments that include: application penetration testing, external network penetration testing, account deletion verification, reviews of incident response plans, vulnerability disclosure programs, and information security policies.

This is going to break a lot of 3rd Party Applications…

Recent affectees: 

Hubspot’s Gmail Sales Extensions Issues:

User’s faced integration and synchronization issues: 

Joseph, a Hubspot user experienced issues with connecting his account and some glitches that shouldn’t be experienced if your system is Automated!

Here’s the screenshot:


And Joseph wasn’t the only one facing these issues:

umeshbx (Hubspot User)



Recent affectees include one of the best tools “SalesForceIQ”

Due to the changes in Gmail interface, discussed above. SalesForceIQ has announced its discontinuation of the “SalesForceIQ Chrome extension”

We reached out to them to understand better, here’s what they have to say:

SFIQ gmail update“The SalesforceIQ CRM Chrome Extension was made to work with the legacy Gmail interface. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, Google has changed this interface, and as of October 16, 2018, is planning on removing the option to switch back to the classic interface. More details on this change from Google are available here.

As a result, SalesforceIQ CRM customers will no longer be able to use the SalesforceIQ CRM Chrome Extension. Customers typically use this extension with the Gmail product to make updates to SalesforceIQ CRM without leaving their desktop Gmail inbox.”


We don’t know for sure if this is due to the updates on the 16th, but we have heard news from some of the users who are being banned for their typical send volume.


GData Admin Settings API is being deprecated by 31st October:

Google mentioned they are going to deprecate GData Admin Settings API.

It remains operational until October 31, 2018, to give developers time to migrate.

On October 31, 2018, the deprecated API will be shut down. At that time, all calls to the API and any features in your applications that depend on it will no longer work. Please migrate as soon as possible!


Don’t worry! We have you covered –

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This is something big as the Copper integration with Google Cloud not only just gives it a seamless integration with your Gmail.

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This SaaS Sales Alignment program will put Copper on top of the ladder from its competition as it continues to move forward on its path to provide native functionality within the applications people use every day to do their job.

Moving Copper to Google Cloud Program

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It will allow the company to scale globally with more than 12,000 customers in 110 countries.

Their active customer base has more than 12,000 paid businesses in more than 110 countries. Their San Francisco Headquarters alone has over 200 employees.

Copper has a great UI/UX and a Chrome Extension that lives right in your inbox which is very useful.

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