LinkedIn is testing out a hyper-exclusive feature on a pilot with the limited number of writers, it allows you to subscribe to their articles, which is fascinating and can definitely be a game changer on how we see content on our LinkedIn feeds.

LinkedIn's Subscribe Feature LinkedIn's Subscribe Feature

No longer overwhelming Content Load:

For readers, with such advanced content feed algorithm but still, with so much content flowing in, it’s almost impossible to keep up with the content and being able to see what really is important for you.

But now being able to select what you’re interested in will make sure that you see what you want to see, with the relevancy.

For writers, it means that you will only be able to get a more relevant audience and you’ll be sure that it reaches the connection’s newsfeeds that are interested to read your stuff again and again.

Evolution of Content Consumption

Being able to create a series around some topic that influences your audience

As a reader, imagine that you’ve read a good article on a topic that you think you’re able to provide some valuable insight or feedback to further enhance the topic for the audience.

Now that might be possible with the Linkedin Opt-in model.

In the writers perspective, this is going to evolve with a series of content that can increase the playing area for a writer by having the ability to provide or showcase different angles of a topic in the form of a series.

That will be highly effective when able to create a final product.

Providing shorter pieces of content can be more valuable as giving the ability to provide different perspectives around a topic in the form of a series.


LinkedIn officially announces it’s Object-Based Advertising (OBA) for advertisers

LinkedIn has announced the OBA – Object-Based Advertising this Thursday which a new format, changing its Campaign Manager to provide a more streamlined experience for its advertisers that will help them better manage their campaign objectives.

Main highlights: 

  • Facilitate easier campaign creation based on marketing objectives
  • Optimize your campaign by showing your ads to people most likely to take the action you want
  • Offer automated bidding for key objectives
  • Provide customized campaign reporting tied to your campaign’s objectives
LinkedIn Campaign Manager