LinkedIn’s Acquires Drawbridge – Customer AI Platform 

Drawbridge, a people based identity management platform using AI and machine learning technology, based in San Mateo is acquired by LinkedIn which makes it LinkedIn’s 22nd acquisition and 2nd in eight months.

This acquisition is meant to strengthen LinkedIn’s Marketing Platform focused to improve its ad targeting and attribution capabilities that will result in “Better Matched Audiences and Audiences Network”. Value of this acquisition is not disclosed.

Here’s a graph of LinkedIn known Acquisitions since 2010:

IBM Debuts in Self Service AI Powered Ad Builder:

IBM Watson Ads Builder Can Bring the Power of DIY Conversational Design to Brands

IBM launched Watson Ads Builder, a self-service advertising solution that is powered by artificial intelligence (AII) that will help marketing agencies and developers to build, ingest and understand a brand while able to create dialogues that enhances the brand engagements and increasing brand loyalty.

This helps anticipate the most anticipated questions for the brand during the Ad as the conversation goes on in real time.

Prior to this, the process of conversational design solutions took months and required specialized skills. Watson Ad builder using natural Ads builder using Natual Language to create, deploy, chat and connect with consumers with speed.

Increase in Email Outreach Bounce Rates:

Google partners with Tensorflow, a machine learning platform that is said to be credited to keep your Gmail inbox spam free.  Google as well said:

“TensorFlow would be used to start “blocking around 100 million additional spam messages every day” for Gmail Users.”

Let’s shed some further light on it:

The large cold email reach decline has been noticed overall in last few months, as I’ve heard from teams used to send around even 100 daily cold emails using email automation were doing fine, also faced this issue as well and seems like its gradually increasing.

Discussion shared by Nicholas at Crunchbase:

“Have you seen an increase in your email bounce rates in the last six months? If so, don’t feel bad – you’re not the only one.

As a B2B Marketing and Sales Strategist that has run a number of successful email campaigns in the past, I was very confused when I started seeing my emails bounce this year.

For counsel on this issue, I reached out to the B2B Email Marketing Specialists at SharpSpring, a marketing automation company.

Thankfully, I found that I wasn’t the only B2B salesperson who was experiencing high bounce rates this year, “We have been seeing an alarmingly high number of soft bounces since Google’s Gmail rolled out a new update with TensorFlow.”


Quora partners with Improvado:

Quora partnered with Improvado to provide you with the ability to integrate and connect your Quora Ads account to Improvado to receive important insights for your campaigns.

Improvado is a cross-channel reports & visualization software that helps Ad agencies to aggregate advertising data in any visualization tool in minutes.

Pantheon raises $40M Series D – Acquiring StagingPilot – a WebOps Company

Based in San Fransico, Pantheon announced that they have raised a Series D $40M growth financing, led by Sageview Capital.

Pantheon is the worlds leading website operations platform that powers marketers and developers with their web development hosting platform, it is also based on WebOps for Drupal and WordPress.

This capital raise is driven to expand the company’s sales, marketing and product teams to greater increase their digital experiences.

Acquiring StagingPilot at an undisclosed value, this automated WordPress update and testing tool that currently powers millions of checks monthly, all of which will be available to Pantheon users after this acquisition. That greatly expands the Pantheon WebOps offering.