Marketing Automation Platform Force24 acquires SoAmpli


The UK based Marketing Automation Platforms Force24 acquires one of the rising stars SoAmpli which is a SaaS platform that automates Social Media Marketing & Sales. The value of this acquisition is yet undisclosed.


SoAmpli – Social Media Automation Platform – A SaaS platform that automates Social Selling, helping salespeople to sell more on Social Media.

Force24 – Marketing Automation Platform – Force24 are known to be the only UK-grown marketing automation platform. They pride themselves on their customer support and with a complete toolbox of marketing automations. Visit Force24

Why this is important to for marketing automation:

SoAmpli is the brainchild of Maz Najdm (founder), who aims to turn all company employees into savvy social sellers and was one of the top social influencers in 2012.




Asia-Pacific Marketing Automation Industry might reach $7.3Bn by 2023


According to the research on Marketing Automation Industry published by P&S Intelligence. The Asia Pacific Marketing Automation Industry is being projected to reach 7.3 Billion by the end of 2023.

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This increase is a direct result of the increase in social media and digital market in this region. Therefore, creating a direct need for digital marketing and  Social Media.

Why this is important to for marketing automation:

We’ve noticed a steep increase in the marketers coming from Asia-Pacific to leverage this opportunity, building their consumer base by adapting to social media platforms that will create their reach for the target audience.


Forbes 3 Predictions for Email Marketing in 2019


Marketing Director of Cyber Impact (Email Marketing Platform) shares his three predictions for the email marketing industry in 2019 with Forbes.


1 – Building Personal Connections will become more important

Building on the list of your subscribers you tend to develop a relationship with the subscribers. If handled correctly, and you’re able to offer valuable content to your audience based on their segmentation on their interest and the type of content they have historically engaged with can help you a long way.

2 – Embedded video will continue to grow in emails 

Users love and engage more by a margin in video content, a thing that we learned from social media channels. This is something we lack far behind as being able to allow users to add videos in their emails seamlessly.

Which we can predict can change in 2019, as more and more email clients are tending to come up with innovations in providing the tools which the market demands now to stay on top of the game.

3 – Not all automation with your emails are considered equally

Email Automation without any doubt is a great way to cater your users in providing a sequence of messages based on their stage and segment. Biggest advantages are taken as we all know when onboarding or sending a welcoming message to the different users.

Why this is important to for marketing automation:

Marketers need to understand that if not done correctly, this is something that can be worse! As automated emails can quickly come across as spammy and can have a really negative impact on your company.