Personalization is not as key if you can find something that’s relevant to someone that is so much more important. As we are going to discuss with Max Altschuler on what works and what doesn’t as this article is all about: 

1 – Omnichannel and other key trends to watch.

2 – A lead qualification process.

3 – When you should hire that first inside salesperson.

4 – What really works in sales outreach.

Max Altschuler

Max is an Author, Investor, Marketer, Sales Wiz, and the Founder of SalesHacker.com which was recently acquired by Outreach.io where Max is now the VP of Marketing. 

He’s been featured in Forbes, Inc Magazine, The Harvard Business Review, and many more publications.

Max is also the leading marketing efforts for Outreach.io – which acquired Sales Hacker this summer for an undisclosed amount furthering its capabilities to leverage data, enable their customers to become better salespeople and gain access to a captive audience.

Sales Hacker

It’s an online community for Modern Sales Professionals where you can learn the latest B2B Sales tips, tactics, and strategies from the world’s best Sales Professionals.

Sales hacker for about five years built a media company geared towards B2B salespeople mainly in tech. Now starting to branch outside of just a tech audience got about 90000 subscribers 250000 monthly visitors come to sales hacker to learn about the best practices in modern B2B sales. 

As they receive upwards of 200K monthly unique visitors all seeking the latest sales tactics.


Outreach is more than just software – with their Sales Engagement Platform, you get a playbook for team success.

If you’re not familiar with Outreach.io, they were recognized by Forbes as the next Billion dollar startup, and have raised $125M to build the leading platform for automating and prioritizes customer touch points throughout the sales process.

Ultimate Sales Engagement Ebook

Omni Channel Sales Outreach – Best Practices 

Modern Buyers like to be sold with their Preferred Methods of Communication

Max recently polled their sales hacker audience. And got around 884 responses that how people like to buy, and how modern buyers liked to be sold to.

The results were really interesting because we figured out

‘How people really liked to raise their hand and say OK this is what’s interesting’

We could sit here and say all day and debate on LinkedIn that cold calling is dead or social selling is the hottest trend or people don’t listen to voicemails.

People do voicemails people and that they don’t respond to text messages.

Or maybe that Text Messages are rude to send somebody in a sales process.

We will sit here and go back and forth all day on our hunches or whatever.

But now we actually this poll data that says it.

So, some of the things that we’ve been thinking about lately are all right as a citizen give them a platform and you know even as a sales community there are so many different sales vendors now that help you better than ever before.

People like to be sold with their Preferred Methods of Communication Reach and target your buyer in a way that they’re going to respect they’re going to react in a positive manner.

You know that if you’re only detecting reply rates when you’re using a product like outreach, you’re counting those wins.

What about the negative replies?

You can get a really easy negative reply. If you call someone to something discriminatory or completely awkward.

Or being rude in the subject line you’ll probably get a lot more replies.

Is that a winning template? 

No, it’s really just figuring out like that what are the winners and what are the losers.

People liked to be sold to with their preferred methods of communication, and that can be broken into age and company size and title and seniority.

Cold Calling – Voicemails, are they still worth it? 

So if you’re cold calling Do people still check voicemails?

Let’s take my example. So I don’t check voicemails anymore. Rather than that, I’d say to please text or send me an email. 

So if you are cold calling and leaving a voicemail maybe it’s not worth it to do for millennials.

Maybe it’s worth it to do for older generations.

So, if you’re on LinkedIn can you look at where the person went to college and what years they were in college or when they started the workforce and figure out if this is going to be somebody that checks their voicemail or not.

Another interesting piece of that is you know when you talk about omnichannel outreach.

It’s no longer enough to just call or email

It’s no longer enough to just call somebody or just email somebody it has to all connect.

A step by step Strategy to connect with anyone

Step 1. If you call somebody, leave a voicemail

Step 2. Send an email that that mentions the fact you left a voicemail

Step 3. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Step 4. Once your request has been accepted, shoot them a personalized LinkedIn message 

Step 5. It’s not always necessary but works best if you can send them a one on one personalized video through email

Step 6. Can be a piece of direct mail.

With this approach, you get a much higher chance of success of connecting with someone than if you just sit there and Cold Call twelve times.

Because you might either:

(Canva) Hit on a method that they liked to do business in or they’ll all connect for a way to really like get in front of that person.

Let’s take this example, as we broke it down by marketing sales executive and operations.

If you think about how somebody you know is selling to an operations guy or an I.T. professional.

Now, think about how that person works as they might be in front of two dual monitors all day.

So how do you reach out to someone who sits in front of monitors although?

You wouldn’t send them a text message not out of pocket nor in their phone right.

When compared to a salesperson or an executive who works out of their phone or maybe a text messages is the way to go you know maybe someone who looks at screens all day really wants like a one to one personalized video.

These are certain things to think about when you’re reaching out.

Build your ideal sequence and your touch points in the different channels you’re trying to approach with. 

What’s going to work in five years from now in relation to sales? 

There remains a constant debate with what works in sales and what will work in five years.

It’s not the latest tool, it’s not whatever channel is the most active.

What will continue to work is the process and the mentality making sure you’re doing things in the right order in the right way.

What’s going to work in five years from now in relation to sales and marketing automation?

Your Process Needs Supreme Efficiency

There’s a process where you need supreme efficiency. No wasted motions.

You know that’s an area where technology can definitely help.

As we are the firm believers that like 

(Canva) 70% of every employee’s job can be outsourced automated just completely scaled out of their hands.

You’re always striving to scale yourself.

So, there are ways you can automate things that you’re currently doing what are the things you were handed off to people whose time is less valuable than yours.

How to get your Supreme Efficiency

Its the mindset! For example,

If you’re doing something and it takes you 3 Hours and you can pass it off to somebody else and it takes them 6 Hours.

But it’s it cost you $4 an hour, now you have to understand that what if you’ve spent those three hours doing something else?

Can you make more than 6x times for 24 hours, right?

So that’s like a no-brainer. Yeah, you’ll pass it off for $24.

You know that you can make that three hours more valuable.

As if you’re a salesperson you can just take those three hours worth of consulting/sales calls and make could make far more money than dedicating your time for a work that can be done on the same scale in $24.

Same thing, what would you do if you had those 3 hours back?

Do what you’re best at!

For a salesperson, actually, be doing selling activities instead of blogging data or whatever else.

So what would what you really need to do is document your processes.

Figure out if there is a tool or a solution and what the cost is associated with that to scale yourself.

If there’s not figure out if there’s a way you can automate it through a virtual assistant you know somebody on Upwork or someone from any freelance platforms, as there’s a lot of amazing platforms that you can find the perfect match for what you’re looking for.  

So, hire a VA for works you can outsource than find a way to build your process and scale yourself out of the minutia and only do selling activities you should be wildly efficient there.

Understanding your Ideal Customer

The second kind of pillar is a part of the science of sales. You know going back to the art of sales is just really understanding your ideal customer and what makes them tick, and the things that you can do that is going to be relevant to your ideal customer.

Patience is the Key

In the in the sales process for the founders out there who haven’t sold before.

You’re not trying to close a deal on the floor with your first phone call.

The objective is to get the next meeting and just make sure you have that.

So, if you’re on the phone, you’re impatient, and you’re trying to get a deal closed on the first call.

You might blow it!

Create Conversations to uncover their issues

So understanding how to use that and then asking questions and creating a conversation around it, and patience is the key.

Earn and be Persistent engough for the next call

But if you’re on the call and you’re asking questions you know trying to uncover their issues.

You earn the right to the next call!

So, make sure you set that call, while you’re on the call and make sure you get their calendar and you said it and then you go from there.

When should you hire an Inside Sales Person

The most important things when you’re selling, if your deal size is less than $6K/year.

Then you should have an inside sales person.

If it’s less than $6K/year, you should probably have it fully automated through inbound to your site.

But if you do have inside sales and you are selling bigger deals. You need to have a sequence of calls, emails and all above-discussed touch points. So that you set up tasks.

For example:

Day-1 You might want to connect with someone on LinkedIn. Write them custom linked in connection or note in the afternoon call them to leave them a voicemail.

Day-2 Send them an e-mail, allude to the voicemail that you left them. Later, set up a task to like or comment on something on their Twitter or their LinkedIn, if not restricted.

Later, send them a personalized video send them direct mail. You can do all of these different things give another phone call like four days later you can do all these things over a 14 day time period.

It’s like 9 touches in 14 days or whatever you want to set up. There are million different articles out there that you could reference that have people’s ideal sequence setups.

What really works in Sales Outreach

Omni Channel Approach

It’s just so important to be multichannel. Right now the economies have really never been this better.

As there are a lot of businesses starting, left and right.

Every day, there is more saturation in your inbox and on your phone than ever before. And the messages really have to cut through the noise.

So the only way to do that is to you know to make sure you’re finding the channels that people want to be contacted by, and make sure you’re persistent in getting in front of them in the right way.


Best Practices for your Outreach Approach

As the Omnichannel approaches like outreaches are definitely the best in the business to be able to do that immediately and truly enlink the messages through the sequence inside of outreach and then the other thing that’s really awesome that allows you to test everything that you do.

So if you’re a modern sales professional, you need to do:

1 – AB Testing in your subject lines
2 – Content inside the emails
3 – Call to action
4 – Email Sequence makeup
5 – The schedule you’re sending e-mails, doing phone calls.

All these different touch points all need to be tracked and measured and it’s just so powerful to be able to do that.

Not just AB testing of the blinds and copy but maybe testing that type of message that goes out more platforms are becoming better at this.

If you send a chat message when they’re on your site or do you do an internal notification to call that person, what happens on that phone call.

Make sure you’re measuring the effectiveness of a cold call to someone while they’re browsing your site versus just a soft touch of push chat on your side or an e-mail.


Using LinkedIn for Outreach

Multi-channel making sure that you’re leveraging all of the social channels. This goes back to the buyer persona.

People are abusing LinkedIn in general.

That’s because people are getting pretty fed up with the amount of cold messaging that’s going on on LinkedIn, not just the connection requests and the Hi how are you type stuff but the sequences.

LinkedIn is in the beginning stages of becoming saturated and then it will switch to something else.

As once it was known that it was email and now it’s LinkedIn that will go back to direct mail start the whole cycle over again.

That’s just how it works.

LinkedIn for Personalized Approach

When something works for one person, it gets out and then it snowballs from there.

LinkedIn is amazing! If you use it the right way for your businesses.

You personalize the right things and if you do the right things like getting referrals from other people.

Then it’s a super great tool!

LinkedIn for Cold Blast

Relevance is key!

If you’re out there just like doing the cold blast to people generic messages that it’s not so great.

Personalization is not as key if you can find something that’s relevant to someone that is so much more important than finding something that’s personalized to them.

It’s not always about just inserting all those dynamic custom fields.

Finding Common Sense with your approach!

It’s more about finding that common sense, relevant topic, something that they’re interested in right then and there is something add value to the sequence.

You know you’re not just letting them know that you know they exist.

They know that, but why are you going to add value to their day.

You have to mention a news story, mention something that’s hyper relevant to them right now.

And, then direct mail stuff, so we’re going to go in cycles as the waves don’t abuse it.

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