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API Integrator Platforms

I’m so excited to share this one with you all!

If you’re following the podcast, I spent a lot of time on API integrator platforms this past month.

I reached out Nash, the founder of Integry, to help me with this one. Nash ran a managed service for clients’ API integrations before starting his new platform (Integry) which is already making teams wonder why they ever built-out their own integrations between their app and the thousands of other tools out there…

Nash’s view:

“…Apps should come batteries included. …You and your development team should focus on what you are trying to accomplisht – a great product, and let others deal with the API integrations.”

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What is Integry?

A native in-app integration platform for your app.

Integry allows anyone to create integrations without writing any code. The integrations built are complex enough for all your automation needs.

Integy makes your apps more powerful (and marketable) by connecting it app with hundreds of other apps that your users already use. This requires minimal coding from your end and the users never have to leave your app or use a third party service. Visit Integry for more info.


What makes them different than the other API platforms:



Native Integrations: 

Your users will have the option to set up integrations without leaving your app.

UX / UI Customization:

The ability for complete-customization to match your current UI.

Some of the other key features: 

  • Building your own workflows.
  • Deploy new integrations without the need for high-end coding.
  • Connect with your Authentications directly without the need for separate logins.
  • 2-way Sync – Implement flows for syncing data across multiple systems.


What’s happening in the Industry and where are we heading:

It’s important to shed some light on the status of the industry and where different companies fit in this API industry.


Here’s the Full List of API Integration Platform Options, Including Integry. 


Five segments of the API industry:

1 – One-way connector

2 – Two-way connectors

3 – Flow builders

4 – Data-first connectors

5 – While label solutions like Integry

So let’s talk about the “citizen integrator” and how that role is evolving…

What is a “Citizen Integrator”

They are known to be the ‘first responders’ in changing business environments and rapidly adapt to come up with solutions to address those challenges (explained by Adeptia.)

Characteristics of a Citizen Integrator:

  • Who understands the business
    • The client needs
    • Subject matter related to a business process
    • Data requirements
  • Who is technically savvy
    • Using applications related to analytics, reporting tools etc
    • SaaS applications related to CRM, Accounting etc.
    • Eager to learn new technologies to address day to day business issues

As the solutions that need to be implemented cannot wait for a slow IT response. And thus the role of a citizen integrator is implementing solutions.

How is everything changing?

The API integration market is really muddy in terms of the acronyms and options.

If you look at Gartner, it defines this basic ‘integrations platform as a service’ – a space which is over 40-years-old.

This goes all the way back to something called the enterprise service bus

And you have incumbents in this space like IBM, Dell Boomi, informatics, Mulesoft… all the multi-billion dollar companies.

There are startups like IFTTT, PieSync and Zapier great for B2C use cases and directly targeting the end customers.

Then you have this middle ground, where you have companies like Tray, Blendr, Integry and Integromat in the B2B integrations and ‘flow-builder’ space – each of these are offering the ability to use within your app for your end users to integrate with other apps they use. 

FInally, the API integration as a product companies like Phantombuster and Apify which provide you with singular end objectives for your integration as a product.

The first complete API integration platform comparison review.

Learn how this world works, and what options you now have for your app and between yours and others. 

Here’s the Full List of API Integration Platform Options, including Integry.