If you didn’t know, now you know – What does it take to build an enterprise-level marketing automation system?

Moreover, how do you ensure the massive amounts of data moving through that stack moves as if it were an agile SMB system?

I had no idea, so I reached out to someone who does:

My guest today is the brilliant Jessica Minasian – the Chief Automation Architect at – Magnetic Hype – an award-winning automated architecture firm. She is an enterprise marketing automation guru focusing on stack builds/optimizations for some of the worlds largest companies.

Jessica and I review:

  1. Tech stack data optimization for speed.
  2. Enterprise stack maintenance and integrations…
  3. And where automation going.

What makes a marketing automation platform/saas ‘enterprise’ (other than price)?

Automation Stack Fortune 50 - 5000 (1)

The differences between a enterprise software ecosystem like Marketo, SF Market Cloud, MS Dynamics, and the mid-market integrated tools like Customer.io, Active Campaign etc…

  • Speed of technology
    • Larger teams
    • More money to throw at R&D
      • Ai / ML
  • Cloud ecosystem
  • Data
    • Higher API call
    • Faster

Where is automation going?

Talk about the foreseen future of automation. In terms of web personalization, data AI, big data and more. Where Marketo is going with Sky (Beta UX/UI). Sneak peek into automation in general.

  • ~$14.75B Acquisition by Adobe – what it means for the platform and access to data.
  • Ai

Marketing Tech Stack Speed

If you want their system to run faster. If there is a backlog, there is a hold-up in revenue. There are proven ways to get your instance to run faster. Your integrations to run smoother. There are ways to get your marketing stack to be more efficient and meet your team’s needs.

  1. Setup
  2. Maintenance
  3. Integrations
    1. Native = every 5-min
    2. Non-Native = anything above and random
  4. Splunk audit

A perfect marketing stack – What it is?

What are the essential components?

  1. Data influx capturing / Advertising syndication
  2. Data cleansing solution / De-duplicating
  3. CRM
  4. Marketing automation tool
  5. Attribution (if enterprise, it’s probably in your mkt automation saas)
  6. Reporting tool
  7. Chat / CS communication tool
  8. Translation tool for localization

Things to think about:

  • How are you going to advertise?
  • Thoughtful integrations
  • Bi-Directional sync
  • Troubleshooting is simple

Jessica’s idea marketing stack:

CRM = Salesforce +

Automation = Marketo +

Data Cleansing = Informatica +

Webinars = ON24 +

Form optimization = Reachforce

Translation = Cloudwords

Content Management = Kapost

Direct Mail & Drop Ship = PFL Marketo Mobile Check-in +

Twilio = SMS

Outside Data warehouse (for cleansing before they enter a system)

Connection / Piping (depends how fast you want it)