Who is this for?

This is my recommended marketing/sales stack for almost any B2B organization using G-Suite. ✅

Here’s a little rhyme to intro this stack highlight:

“I’m B2B, but I love my G-Suite. What would you suggest is the best stack for me?”

Well… I’m glad you asked ?

Automated - Sales Stack and Flow For Gmail Users (1)

Here’s how the stack operates if you use them all in unison for COLD OUTREACH: 

Step 1 – Data (leads) enriched/verified by your VA and loaded into a Google Sheet.

Step 2 – Push to Copper and PersistIQ using connector of your choice.

Step 3 – Cold outreach begins.

Step 4 – As people reply or engage, their pipeline status is updated across all systems.

Step 5 – The Sales team engage with the replies inside Gmail or User.com and use the Copper view on the right of their inbox to update the CRM status to “Opportunity” if the reply was positive (OR “Disqualified” or “Do Not Contact” if negative)

Step 6 – If/when leads are updated to “Qualified” they are taken out of the pre-retargeting campaigns in your ad accounts by your Copper/Leadsbridge sync because that means they have been spoken to by sales and have heard the sales pitch.

Step 7 – IF/when status reaches a “Customer” level (whatever your company calls a sold lead), THEN PersistIQ receives the lead status from Copper and puts that contact into an onboarding sequence.

Marketing and Sales Stack for this Automation:

Copper CRM

Copper is the Google-recommended CRM to manage your prospects, leads, partners, and more-right from Gmail.

It’s said to be the only CRM designed to fit right in your inbox.

A CRM built for Google

Why Copper? Important Update! 

After the Gmail new update, many of the CRM’s integrations will stop working, including the SalesforceIQ CRM Chrome Extension. This is where Copper saves you!

Their active customer base has more than 12,000 paid businesses in more than 110 countries. Their San Fransico Headquarters alone has over 200 employees.

Copper has a great UI/UX and a Chrome Extension that lives right in your inbox which is super useful! It even includes a seam integration with G-Suite Apps which works with every G-Suite App: Google Calendar, Google Slides, Google Hangout Chat, Gmail Contacts, Google Docs, and Google Sheet.


Persist IQ

Persist IQ is a Sales Engagement Tool that launches personalized campaigns with multiple touchpoints to get more engagements from cold leads.

With PersistIQ, you send better, more effective emails — emails that are personalized and error-free. Without any extra work on your end.

Some of the amazing features are:

Built for Copper: (Copper) CRM + (PersistIQ) Engagement

via PersistIQ.com

CRM and Sales Engagement are the two most important systems you need for effective sales.

Copper gives you the robust CRM you need to manage your customers. PersistIQ lets you prospect new leads and engage with them, right from Copper. So you get everything you need to prospect, engage, close, and manage your leads.

Smart variables

Emails with missing values won’t send until they’re corrected. So you never send another email with HI {{first_name}}.

Flawless formatting

Misformatted emails are a thing of the past. When you copy and paste content into a PersistIQ email template, it automatically identifies and removes HTML formatting. For a cleaner, more modern-looking email, that drives people to respond.

Automated replies that work

PersistIQ can distinguish between actual replies and OOO / Automated replies. Unlike other automation tools, PersistIQ is smart. In service of simplicity.


G-Suite, Gmail

Formerly Google Apps for Work – combines all of the familiar productivity and collaboration tools by Google and combines them in an all-in-one suite for universal access across teams.

Google has officially announced that the users would no longer be able to use Gmail classic interface. Therefore all the G-Suite accounts will be migrated to the new interface as of Oct 16


The list of apps comprises Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, Google+, Drive, Sites, along with Google Docs, Sheets, Forms and Slides. Governance of these apps is provided by the Google Admin Console and Google Vault. Making it best for our Marketing and Sales Stack.

SalesForceIQ and a lot more extensions will no longer work with new Gmail UI

With the new G-Suite Gmail UI, it’s gonna break a lot of tools and also the SalesforceIQ SalesforceIQ CRM Chrome extension.

Customers will no longer be able to use the SalesforceIQ CRM Chrome Extension. Customers typically use this extension with the Gmail product to make updates to SalesforceIQ CRM without leaving their desktop Gmail inbox.

Although, Copper which is exclusively built to work within Gmail becomes far more valuable in this situation.



UserEngage (user.com)

For this Marketing and Sales Stack, we need to solve for CHAT + POST-CONVERSION-COMMUNICATION:

  • Convert over chat
  • Create automated workflows
  • Trigger automations based on multiple event types
  • Include a pipeline stage for lead tracking
  • Blasts as well

userengage setup and integration services



An all-in-one Lead Generation platform that offers a suite of tools to connect all your lead generation sources with over 240 platforms.

Pushing and pulling data from the CRM and custom audiences

LeadsBridge makes it easy to sync your CRM/Email software with your favorite solutions. Whenever you collect leads from a landing page, an event, a webinar or just your inbox, LeadsBridge has an app for that. Making Leads Bridge the best fit for this Marketing and Sales Stack.

Google Sheets integration with Leads Bridge

How to Integrate Google Sheet with Leads Bridge

Image via LeadsBridge.com

Step 1 –  In Leads Bridge, head over to the left sidebar and click on Integrations.

Step 2 –  Click on “Add New”.

Step 3 –  Enter a recognizable name for your integration.

Step 4 –  Click on Browse.

Step 5 –  Select “Google Sheets” from the providers’ list.

Step 6 –  Click Next.

Step 7 –  Select the segmentation you’d like to use.

Step 8 –  Enter where you want to send your leads.

Step 9 –  Click on Authorize.

Step 10 –  A Google Sheets’s wizard will pop up.

Step 11 –  Enter your credentials and grant access to LeadsBridge.

Step 12 –  Head back to LeadsBridge and click on Finish.




blendr.io integrations

Blendr is a ‘connector’ platform specializing in robust ‘flows’ or event sequences updating data across multiple tools/saas as they trigger.

In this stack, Blendr can replace LeadsBridge and supply you with one dashboard showing the full-flow (as opposed to one action across two apps – multiple ‘bridges’ in LeadsBridge). For some of you, this may be a necessity.




A simple, easy-to-use, yet powerful scheduling software, which aims to save time, accelerate sales, and improve service quality. It eliminates the old-school way of using email and phone tags for scheduling appointments, calls, interviews, demos, and more. Which makes it the perfect fit for our Marketing and Sales Stack.

Integrates with google calendar

Calendly works seamlessly with Google calendar so you’re never double booked.

Buy the Automation: Marketing And Sales Automation for Entire Customer Journey


This Marketing and Sales Stack Costs Between $150-$200 (based on lite-to-mid pricing)

There are free versions of most of the tools. However, for the optimal use of this Marketing and Sales Stack, the range can go around $150-$200. Works best for SMB and Startups.

This stack will allow you to do (all customer and cold messaging, updating statuses based on calendly calendar and conversions on the site)



The Complete Customer Journey Flow using this Automation:

Step 1 – Create your Google sheet, connect FB + LinkedIn to Google Sheets using LeadsBridge or Blendr

Step 2 – Connect Sheet to Orca and Copper using LeadsBridge or Blendr

Step 3 – Setup User.com and connect to Gmail via SMPT > setup data collectors > automations

Step 4 – Setup Copper – status’s and conditions mainly, but signup for their 4-hour training.

Step 5 – Setup Calendly – sync calendar, set your hours and the time frames they can book

Step 6 – Mirror ALL pipelines between these apps: Copper + Persist + User.com

Step 7 – Write your cold email sequences in persist, and create trigger for status = “New”

Step 8 – Setup API connection (or Blendr.io connection or LeadsBridge, but recommend API) between Copper/User.com

Step 9 – Create retargeting ads and connect your new audiences (the sheet) in Linkedin and Business Manager

Step 10 – Add Linkedin/FB/User.com pixels to your site via GTM, add conversion goals.

What to expect from this automation:

1 – Native 2-way sync between copper and persist is a lifesaver.

2 – Working out of Gmail UI makes life easier.

3 – Leadsbridge and Blendr solves any other connections you’ll need.