LinkedIn Sales Navigator is on a roll and rapidly adapting as you’ve seen in our recent posts on Sales Navigator product and integration updates that we’ve covered in the few months.

There has been another update in this quarter with the brand new home page, InMail, connections and a few more updates that we’ll cover in this post.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator

1- Fully revamped Brand New Sales Navigator Homepage

Taking off the long News Feeds scrolling and focusing more on compact view being able to provide timely, relevant and actionable insights. The new home page is built with 3 main blocks:

Alerts Focused (Center) 

In the centre, combining all your actionable insights from your saved leads, accounts, when someone engages with your posts or some important news update for your saved account.

Enabling you to focus more on the information that really matters rather than having to scroll down the long news feeds as soon as you log in to your Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator Coach –

Sales Navigator Coach

Added on the left, helping you make the most of your Sales Navigator by utilising and introducing you to the key features with a Coach’s visual meter to track your level of expertise and what next you need to try to raise your level of expertise.

With recommended leads and accounts sections focused on the right side of the homepage.

All these updates have started rolling out, and to make sure the transition is smooth. It will be gradually updated to all the users by the end of Q3, updated on the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Product Update official page.