Finally, A Project Tracking App For Slack Powered By Something We All Know And Love — Google Sheets.

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Two years ago teams across the globe were having the same issues with project task management:

  1. Getting their internal and external collaborators to use the same project management platform.
  2. Keeping the CEO and/or Client informed on the current status of the work without annoying the team.
  3. Doing all of this between organizations using separate systems.

The two teams had unknowingly started to work on solving these pain points in similar ways

Let’s talk about the teams

Team 1 is Nodo — An innovative development agency, committed to a personalized approach to customer service and cutting-edge design. Striving to help large companies, startups, and leading global brands, to explore new sources of growth through technology.

Team 2 is Automated — A platform unlike any others helping teams solve complex marketing automation problems by finding the best solutions available and the experts behind them.

But wait… How are the teams connected?

Well, I’m glad you asked 🙂 Nodo’s head of business is Zach Schenkler. Automated’s founder is me (Alex Glenn). Zach was my CTO 10 years ago when we were building Holonis together. They reconnected recently when Zach saw a post of mine on LinkedIn and began working together helping Automated’s audience using all the insight Zach has to offer.

Here’s the symbiotic part…

I was getting final research done and ready to release a review of API integrators in the Makers Festival on Product Hunt when I asked Zach if they had anything they’d like to collaborate to submit as well. Zach mentioned the nodo team used a custom Slack app to manage their teams’ hours on given projects which could be very interesting as a tool package up for the PH users and others in need.

The reason this is so symbiotic is that I had created a similar tool two years ago called ‘Growth Governor’ for teams to manage projects in Slack!

After discussing the pain points leading to both of these apps creation, the functionality of the two at that time, and given their new working relationship reunion, there was a clear sign from the universe they had to combine feature-sets, reconfigure the app, and submit this new version as their Makers Festival hunt.

Now back to the pain points you may have and need this product for…

  1. If you often work with new collaborators when starting new projects: And, these new collaborators all have their own favorite project management tools/processes (Asana, Trello, Jira…). This is why the app we’ve built works between Slack and Google Sheets — where most of your current/future collaborators will use for project communication anyways. Therefore, no one is taken into yet another dashboard to get updates and submit task completions.
  2. If you are annoyed by constant emails from project management tools every time someone makes a change, or by ‘stand-ups ’ (apps or in person) meant to micro-manage your progress: We did as well. Which was the genesis for this app — a tool to replace email threads between clients or bosses with project updates and/or the ‘standup app’ for virtual teams.
  3. And finally, if you often work with external teams who use their own systems and deal with the issues of having to sign into another workstation to communicate with another team about your project: If you’re like us, you work between many Slack accounts and it becomes incredibly difficult to keep up with the alerts and threads between those accounts — missing notifications because you weren’t @-mentioned, or dealing with people who only signed in on desktop, but not having the channel on their mobile Slack app… It’s annoying and work suffers.

But Alex, aren’t there apps for PM in Slack now?

Yes, and we’re well-aware of what those apps can do. But, there is a good reason two very bright individuals set-out to solve their pain points two years without knowing the other was doing the same — because there wasn’t and still isn’t a solution for all three of those main issues above ^.

Enter Automated (seen below operating inside Nodo’s Slack work station):


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