We are going to show you how to be very strategic with your Top of Funnel Prospect Segmentation and Automation. This will allow you to not only increase conversion rates but also manage post-lead-capture nurturing efforts to increase ROI from all traffic campaigns.  

Lead Segmentation Automation Using Clearbit + Integromat + SendinBlue


Axel Lavergne is the Head of Growth at Sendinblue, a French all-in-one marketing platform with email marketing, SMS marketing, and a marketing automation platform that can connect to pretty much any other service.

SendinBlue stands out by offering marketers and teams by offering a suite of tools around messaging so you are not having to move between systems to accomplish full-funnel messaging to prospects including:  

  • Content management
  • Marketing automation
  • Transactional

You would consider MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor, Customer.io…

Situation(s) we are going to use as an example

This automation can be used at any step of your funnel really, but the idea is to allow you to use it at scale, so top-of-funnel too.

For example, you just released an eBook or any kind of gated content and you’re looking to capture leads through your content.

You’re a bit too far from conversion so you’re going to have to work on those leads before you can send them to your sales team. This is where you’d typically launch a “nurturing campaign”.

This campaign can have two objectives:

  1. Heat up the leads and work only those interested: Your focus is to increase your sales team’s conversion rate. The downside is you might spend some time on low-LTV potential customers.
  2. Qualify the leads to work only those that are interesting to you: You don’t want your sales team to spend time on small value deals, so your focus is to send only high-value leads to your sales.
    The downside is your conversion rate is likely going to be pretty low, which means your sales team will get a lot of rejection.

Because you’re at the top of the funnel, you’re addressing a wide audience. Your message will be too generic to have good conversion rates.

So you’re going to have to segment, and there are three ways of doing this:

No.1 Use triggers, and segment based on how people react. 

For example, you’d send an email saying “Here’s some free stuff/content”. You can then segment based on opens, clicks, etc. The problem is you’re committing to a message to do that, and you’re not very targeted, so you might lose a lot of prospects in the process.

No.2 Ask them additional questions during the initial sign-up, or later on.

This will decrease your click to lead conversion rate, but ultimately, should increase your overall conversion rate.
Make sure you ask only questions that look like they’re very useful to bring value.

For example, asking how many employees are in your company would really stink of lead-enrichment. And you can get that information easily. But asking what your most pressing challenge is currently can definitely feel useful.

No.3 Use ClearBit

You can use Clearbit or another tool to automatically enrich your sign-ups and get the information that allows you to segment it.

To run this automation, we’ll be using 3 services:

  1.     SendinBlue (a marketing automation platform) – free under 2000 contacts for automation
  2.     Integromat (“the glue of the internet”) – free under 1000 operations/month
  3.     Clearbit (enrichment API) – starts at 99 USD with 2500 calls / month

Lead Segmentation Automation Using Clearbit + Integromat + SendinBlue

Steps to setup this automation?

We’re going to build the backbone of a marketing automation nurturing sequence in which:

  1.     Acquire a lead and save it to a contacts database (in Sendinblue)

  2.     Start segmenting based on lead-capture information (ex: “who is your current provider to solve this problem?”)
  3.     Enrich prospects that we want to nurture (with clearbit and integromat)
  4.     Segment our nurturing sequence accordingly (in Sendinblue)

If run correctly, what can listeners expect?

This can be used for basic nurturing as well as for some very advanced cases. Generally, we see a lot of data-enrichment on CRM processes.

The main idea here, however, really is to improve and personalize your marketing message earlier in the funnel so you can decrease your overall CAC. Ideally, you’d want to treat your prospects as well as you’re treating your users.

When used on nurturing sequences, it will definitely increase your conversion rates significantly, which, in itself is a pure marginal gain (you paid for those sign-ups, and usually a marginal increase on the acquisition can quickly become expensive so you might as well make the most of it).

You could also consider using this for activation if you’re running a SaaS for example. And work on getting the message exactly right at each step of the activation process based on your contact’s information.

The tricky part is definitely in finding discriminant data that really makes your segmentation effective though.


Segmentation is essentially the number one factor for success. The problem with segmentation is it often requires to put the data-capture burden on your users or prospects, and you should never sacrifice UX for marketing.

Automating data-enrichment and making it a systematic process in your marketing is a good way to ensure you limit the burden you’re putting on your users, while still giving your marketing the data it needs to be accurate and perform well.

Listeners can connect with Axel on LinkedIn, and if you want to check out Send In Blue, we’ll put a link in the notes which will allow you to receive a special offer from Axel and the SIB team to start.



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