Exciting times for the martech space this week, with some recent huge fundings and Quora just got integrated with Google Tag Manager..

Tray.io raised $37M in Series B 


Tray.io API integration platform that focuses to put automated workflows within the reach of business users announced their $37 million Series B investment which was led by Spark Capital along with the existing investors, increasing their overall investment to $59 million.

According to this deal, Alex Clayton, an investor at Spark Capital will be joining the board of directors at Tray.

Rich Waldron, CEO at Tray mentioned:

The company looked around at the automation space and saw tools designed for engineers and IT pros and wanted to build something for less technical business users.

This series of investment is focused on expanding the enterprise automation tool and building a visual platform for which you don’t need to essentially know to programme and are able to build out automation for your prime role.

The company’s R&D operation is in London, with headquarters in San Francisco. It currently has 85 employees but expects to have 100 by the end of the quarter as it begins to put the investment to work.

Spot.IM raised $25M in Series D 


Spot.IM a social engagement platform, headquartered in New York that builds online communities around digital content, announced that it raised a series D funding which was led by Insight Venture Partners.

They also appointed the technology and media executive Itzik Ben-Bassat, as the President of the company and member of its board of directors at Spot.IM. This recent capital funding has geared up the company’s total funding to $63 Million, since August 2016.

The company is now the largest community platform partner with over 80% of top-tier US publishers. Nadav Shoval, Co-Founder and CEO at Spot.IM said:

“Our goal has always been to provide publishers with the ability to build a sustainable business organically through their content and community — not arbitrary clicks,”

Quora integrated with Google Tag Manager 


Quora, the leading question and answers platform just became an approved vendor within the Google Tag Manager, a tool that allows marketers to track specific actions.

This integration streamlines the process of adding Quora pixel to your website from within the Google Tag Manager.

How it works: 

Using the Google Tag Manager follow these easy steps:

  1. Look for the “Install with a Partner” option within the Pixels & Conversions tab in the Quora Ads Manager.
  2. Click “Install with a Partner” and copy your pixel ID.
  3. Open Google Tag Manager and navigate to the “Tags” tab on the left side of the interface.
  4. Select “New” and then “Tag Configuration.” After, choose or search for “Quora Pixel” and click this option.
  5. Paste your pixel ID into the field labeled “Quora Pixel ID” and choose “Page View” to set up the base Quora pixel across all your site pages.