In our private Slack pod we discuss a lot of things ranging from automations to compliance with tools… The #tools channel has been busy this week after someone posted an image of something Josh Fletcher had posted on LinkedIn about how LinkedIn knows what Chrome extensions you are using and penalizes you without your knowledge… 

We investigated… 

The long/short of it is as follows:

  1. This only applies to publicly listed plugins.
  2. If you inspect the page you can see which ones Linkedin is tracking.
  3. LinkedIn also looks at automation behavior so whether it’s a plugin or a server it’s not sufficient to circumvent LinkedIn’s detection.
  4. LinkedIn is deploying an AI to determine human vs automated behavior.
  5. Entropy is the solution to that…

To see which plugins LinkedIn tracks, you can install this extension

Further along the lines of sketchy behavior, our friend Abram at LinkedHub posted this about how Dux Soup has included a ‘permission to manage all extensions’ in their authorization upon install for all users. After install, they have been silently turning off competing plugins like LinkedHub/Linked Helper in their customers’ browser settings. Shady right! 

We will have more to come and an episode on the podcast about this soon.


Alex, Founder