Hi there, I’m Automated for Slack.

I’m an intuitive app helping teams automate the deployment and tracking of their projects right inside of Slack!

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How It Works

  • Q: What is it and how do you set it up?

    The app works with Slack and Google sheets to take a process with a number of tasks spread out of more than one day and allows team leads assign each task to a teammate with a start/due date, deploy those processes inside Slack, then receive daily roundup summaries of completed and incomplete tasks.

    To install: 

    > Click to add to Slack.
    >> Choose a Slack station
    >>> Authorize the app
    >> Authorize for Google Drive

    ** Make sure, after you’ve created the project, that you head to the Slack channel and type /project start to deploy it. Otherwise, it will not deploy.


    Add to Slack

  • Q: What can this app do?

    Today, March 21st 2019, the app will:  

    1. Allow you to create and deploy projects to multiple team members using only a Google Sheet and Slack.
    2. Receive daily summaries around which tasks were completed or outstanding, and be able to track approvals.
    3. Create gantt-chart-style task time frames to better manage handoffs.
    4. Keep yourself and team members on point by receiving non-intrusive reminders to get tasks done.
    5. And, the most important aspect in my opinion, is the shared Google Drive folder you will have access to which will hold crowd-sourced automations to use to grow your business and streamline processes such as:
      1. Daily VA tasks
      2. Content calendars
      3. Social media hacks
      4. Product hunt launch processes
      5. And more will be coming to give you an immediate benefit for using our app.

  • Q: What are some examples of projects I can create with this app?

    • Daily tasks for someone on your team.
    • Content calendar where one or multiple team members need to remember to post something from their own accounts  at a certain day/time:
      • Great for product or book launches and getting all departments involved in content syndication (where a tool like buffer cannot work).
    • Projects where gantt-style handoffs are in order between multiple participants (i.e. website redesigns where mockups need to be created by the designer, then a copywriter adds the text, then the first designs are created, then approvals, then final designs before getting coded up… and those need to be put into a split test by someone on the marketing department…)
    • Really ANY project where each task owner (or the only task owner) needs to remember to do something on a certain day and someone needs to approve of each task. And of course, this project manager needs to understand the benefits of it all happening in Slack instead of having to pull people into a new project management tools dashboard to create/move cards around etc…

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What this app can do

Born From Two Case Studies

We are two teams which built similar apps to assist with our internal needs. Those two apps have been reconstructed as one for your team to use.

Truly Simple Project Communication

We wanted to create an app that works right inside the tools you and your clients use constantly.

On A Path To Cross-Workspace

This current feature-set is not what we’re aiming to build. The next phase is what you should install for…

  • “Over the last 10 years, I dealt with the pain points this app solves believing in over-complicated solutions. I sincerely believe we are going to change the way teams collaborate between Slack work stations.”
    Alex Glenn
    Founder of Automated.af
  • “This is the app we use monthly here at nodo to ensure proper knowledge of resources we've allocated to any given project. I am proud to finally release an application to all of you builders and teams out there. Please enjoy and let us know what you think :)”
    Paulo Faulstich
    Co-founder & Business Director at Nodo

Install the app and get started!

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