A Process For Determining Product-Market Fit


This automation will take you through 12 easy steps to determine the Product Market Fit (PMF) for your new product, including analyzing your current data and defining your customer acquisition strategy. Use this automation to promote your product to the ideal customer profile and run your business with maximum efficiency.

  • Description

    Product Description

    1. Automated Slack App – An intuitive app helping teams automate the deployment and tracking of their projects right inside of Slack!

    2. Google Sheets

    Slack for Automated App

    3. Slack – A work collaboration tool for all your workspace communication.


    How this Automation can help

    This automation will help take you through the steps of determining the Product Market Fit (PMF) for your new product and running your business with maximum efficiency. Through this process you will analyze your current data and processes while defining more effective strategies to launch your new product.

    Automation Stack required

    1. Automated Slack App
    2. Google Sheets
    3. Slack

    To run this in Slack > app.automated.af/


    1. Create the project – set channel, alerts…
    2. Copy/paste the task list and dates from this template.
    3. Setup your sheet (example below for you to copy/paste)
    4. Head to the channel you assigned this app, and type ‘ /project start ‘ and launch project.

    And, click download and we will send you the document with instructions

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