Recruitment Automation using Interseller and Orca


If you are hiring, and do not have the time/bandwidth to fill your candidate pipeline with as many ideal prospects as you need, then this automation is for you. On our 45 min call, we’ll review your use case, customize the strategy/messaging for your prospective candidates, then go over the steps to implement. And answer any questions you have.

  • Description

    Product Description

    Automated Recruiting

    How this Automation can help:

    If you are a recruiter or a recruitment agency and are in a need to create an automated outreach process for reaching out to your candidates on LinkedIn. This Recruitment Automation is for you. Furthermore, it works best with Interseller.

    What is Interseller: 

    Interseller in a simple solution that covers all your outbound needs. 

    Tools and accounts needed to run this Recruitment Automation:

    1. Interseller
    2. LinkedIn Account
    3. Zapier
    4. Orca
    5. Google Sheet

    On our call, I will answer questions about setup and give you some best practices. Our call is strategy-focused and meant to give you some good inspiration on how to use the Recruitment Automation.

    What’s not included? 

    Going through the full integration step by step and troubleshooting is not included. Each tool has support teams for that.


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    Alex Glenn

    The Man With The Plan
    I work with founders and teams to create growth cultures and systems. 

    Came from a grey hat background – utilizing strategies which would not fly in a 50-year-old legacy company, but also do not qualify as ‘hacks.’ My employers and clients hire me to find the fast-track to revenue with intuitive marketing automation systems, creative growth strategies, and scalable processes.


    Account-Based Marketing (ABM) | Marketing Automation | Growth Marketing | Lead Generation | Email Marketing | User Acquisition | Rapid Prototyping | Personal Branding | Thought Leadership Marketing | Quora Marketing

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