In short “pods” are broken. Here’s our solution.

If you are tired of creating a siloed post and answer promotion system that fizzles-out quickly and becomes tedious to maintain, this is the pod you need to be in.

Your Time Zone

Pods are organized by time zone so you all can engage and post at a time that works for everyone, consistently.

Rotating Pods

This helps you BEAT the algorithm. By switching pods every two weeks, you constantly change who is up-voting and engaging with your content, therefore keeping you consistently near the top of everyone’s newsfeed.

0 free loaders

By changing pods every two weeks, inactive members are quickly purged and you’re left with a group of high performers focused on helping each other.

We just launched and the results are pretty amazing!

We’re very protective of our pod and vet every applicant. Leave your info below and we will let you know in 24 hours if you can join.

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  • "Determining the best stack and data connectors for that stack is no easy task. There are dozens of apps for every task and dozens of options for API connections between them."

  • “Mark and Yellow O are our go-to Marketing Automation experts.”
    CMO at Beam Wallet
  • “Alex has a strong understanding of the process-building around the entire approach. His knowledge of growth systems, software, and tools is a valuable asset to any organization.”
    Krish Ramineni
    Co-Founder & CEO at
  • I spent quite a few days if not weeks trying to figure out my product hunt gameplan. Alex and his podcast showed it to me in just 34 minutes.
    Chiel de Leeuw
    Founder of Instant Magazine