UserEnage Setup and Integration

UserEngage Setup Services

Chat + user messaging/email + feedback loops + …. For those of you who have not used this tool yet, it’s well-worth the implementation.

Here at automate, we can help you by showing how it can work in a complete sales and marketing system, then providing setup assistance.

Our Setup and Integration Process

Marketing Automation Stack

Finalizing a stack

Step one is to finalize the stack around your new UserEngage account. This could be analytics, data storage, project management, cold emailing… But the important aspect is to know what you will need and what the best options are for your use case.

sales diagram flow for a b2b company

Customer journey mapping

Next, map out your customer journey through UserEngage. We begin any new automation with mapping so we know all the paths and touch-points customers’ may go through in your marketing stack. This allows us to illustrate how UserEngage will integrate into your system.

Marketing Automation Asana Bored


We’ll generate a backlog of tasks in Asana/Trello or other project management tool you choose. Then, we work with you to delegate each task to members of our team and yours to ensure a fast-build under budget. 

How to begin

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